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HP Designjet Z6100 printer

HP Designjet Z6100 printer

HP Designjet Z6100 printer


HP Designjet Z6100 Printer series are thermal inkjet printers designed for print-service providers and large technical operations like architecture, engineering and geographical information. Launched in 2007 the machines were in the catalogue until 2011. They were replaced by the Z6200 which has a similar specification.

The Z6100 is an 8-head wide carriage dual swath printer delivering high quality at print speeds over 1,000 square feet per hour. These machines are twice the speed of the DesignJet 5000 and 5500 which they were designed to replace. They seem to have replaced the DesignJet 4500 as well although they did appear in the 2009 catalogue alongside the 4520. Other improvements include an embedded spectrophotometer which reduces colour error to less than half that of the older DesignJet’s and an Optical Media Advance Sensor to allow high speed with consistent accuracy.

High capacity 775ml HP 91 Ink Cartridges with Vivera pigment inks. 3 ink cartridge multipacks available.

Eight printheads in two sets of four. Two colours per printhead. 1056 nozzles per colour. Colours Cyan, cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow, matte black, photo black, light gray. 4 picolitre drops for lc, lm, lg, pb. 6 pl drops for c,m,y, mb

Rolls up to 574 ft long (175 metres)


Intuitive control panel. HP Easy Printer Care Tool:

  • -Colour Center provides instructions on adding media profiles and calibrating the printer.
  • -Accounting tool tracks supply by job.
  • -Job submitter sends HP-RTL, HP-GL/2, CALS G4, PostScript, PDF TIFF EPS and JPEG files directly to the printer

Print Speed:

Best quality at 13.7 metres square per hour on A1 coated paper. Maximum speed 105.4 metres per hour on A1 plain paper.

Scanner Abilities:

Available with use of the HP DesignJet 4500 scanner Q1277A

Print Resolution:

Up to 2400 x 1200 dpi. 6 picolitre dots.

Photographic printers intended to provide handheld 6×4 prints sometimes boast 1 picolitre dots – although not usually 8 inks. These machines produce wallpaper sized strips not intended to be held quite so close up – but that will still look good at short range.

Paper Handling:

Designed for roll feed papers 24 to 42-inch rolls or 24 to 60-inch rolls depending on printer model. Maximum media weight 430 gsm – up to 22 mil – dependent on media type. Maximum roll length 175 metres.


42-inch model has 256MB and can be upgraded to 512MB. 60-inch model has 512MB fitted. Both models have a 40GB hard disk.


Built in Ethernet. EIO slot for options. USB Optional.


Print Languages:

Direct handling of HP-GL/2, HP-RTL, TIFF, JPEG, CALS G4;

The Z6100ps Printer also has Adobe PostScript Level 3, Adobe PDF 1.6.

System Compatibility:

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP. Apple Mac OS X v 10.2.8 and above.


100 to 127 VAC or 220 to 240 VAC. Consumption: Off, 0.4 watts. Power save 21 Watts. Printing max 350 Watts.

Dimensions: 60 inches with stand 2450x700x1350

Weight: 110kg HP 91 775-ml DesignJet Pigment Ink Cartridge

Consumables: (HP Designjet Z6100 printer)

  • HP 91 775-ml Matte Black Ink Cartridge – C9464A
  • HP 91 775-ml Photo Black Ink Cartridge – C9465A
  • HP 91 775-ml Light Gray Ink Cartridge – C9466A
  • HP 91 775-ml Cyan Ink Cartridge – C9467A
  • HP 91 775-ml Magenta Ink Cartridge – C9468A
  • HP 91 775-ml Yellow Ink Cartridge – C9469A
  • HP 91 775-ml Light Cyan Ink Cartridge – C9470A
  • HP 91 775-ml Light Magenta Ink Cartridge – C9471A


  • HP 91 Matte Black and Cyan Printhead – C9460A
  • HP 91 Magenta and Yellow Printhead – C9461A
  • HP 91 Light Magenta and Light Cyan Printhead – C9462A
  • HP 91 Photo Black and Light Gray Printhead – C9463A
  • HP 91 Maintenance Cartridge – C9518A

alternatieve HP inkten    kompatible Tintenpatronen für HP

HP Designjet Z6100 printer

  • HP 91 Photo Black, C9465A

    Replacement Cartridge for HP 91 Photo Black 775 ml.


  • HP 91 Light Gray, C9466A

    Replacement Cartridge for HP 91 Light Grey 775 ml.


  • HP 91 Cyan, C9467A

    Replacement Cartridge for HP 91 Cyan 775 ml.


  • HP 91 Magenta, C9468A

    Replacement Cartridge for HP 91 Magenta 775 ml.



  • HP printer maintenance kits ensure your HP printer remains in working condition and continues to provide you with the highest print quality possible.

    HP Designjet Z6100 User Maintenance Kit


  • HP 91 Matte Black, C9464A

    Replacement Cartridge for HP 91 Matte black 775 ml.


  • HP 91 Light Magenta, C9471A

    Replacement Cartridge for HP 91 Light Magenta 775 ml.


  • HP 91 Light Cyan, C9470A

    Replacement Cartridge for HP 91 Light Cyan 775 ml.


Compatible HP designjet cartridge

HP Designjet Z6100 printe